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Lokalita položky: Slovinsko
Model:Nooteboom EURO 54-03
Umiestnenie Slovenia

Semitrailer is in excellent working condition (used only a few times per year). It has rear and fornt automatic greasing system, all steered axles and complete hydraulic suspenssion with remote control to adjust heigh of loading platform, steering of axles and you can extend lenght of loading platform from 5250mm up to 8250mm. Specification: Noteboom EURO 54-03 (2009): Lenght of main loading platform: 5.250 mm Max. extension of lenght of main loading platform: 8,250 mm Lenght of loading platform above the wheels: 4.000 mm Width of platform: 2.540 mm Max. extension of width on platform: 3.040 mm Platform height: 450 mm Fifth wheel height: 1.250 mm Axles: 3 axle Hydraulic Steered axles: 3 axle (automatic steering of all three axles) Capaciy of axles: 3x 10.000 kg Max. technical total permisibile weight: 54.000 kg Tires: 245/70 R17,5 Complete hydraulic suspenssion of axles (this option for this model of semitrailer costs for new 40.000,00 EUR) Automatic central greasing system on front side Automatic central greasing system on rear side Remote control for: - hydraulic adjusting oh height of semitrailer because all three axles are hydraulic susspended - hydrailic steering of all three axles

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