Hunting 10,000psi Sand Filter

Požadovaná cena:€ 68.620 (£56.955)
Lokalita položky: Unit 5/8 Darent Ind Estate,Burnett Road,Slade Green,Erith
Slade Green
Veľká Británia
Predávajúci minisiete: Truck Busters
+44(0)1322 339944
Model: 10,000psi Sand Filter
Rok výroby: 2009
Interné skladové číslo SF018
Sériové číslo N/A

Sand filtration units improve well analysis during testing operations through the effective removal of sand and other solids from the well effluent. The sand filter consists of two vertical vessels, each vessel holding one inner filter assembly. The two filtration pods are controlled individually allowing for either single or dual pot operation. Normally, one vessel is in use, in order to facilitate cleaning of the other. The unit is skid mounted and complete with inlet and outlet manifolding, double gate valves on the downstream side and connections to register differential pressure across filters.

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