FGM 26 Versio E

Požadovaná cena:
Lokalita položky: Fínsko
Model: 26 Versio E
Rok výroby: 2015

SEMI-TRAILER TRUCK TRANSPORTER 2 AXLES N.2 axles with pneumatic suspensions SAF 11 ton, drum brakes 2nd axle self-steering Gross weight: 26.000 kg ; Pay load: 17.200 kg; Tare weight: 8.800 kg Total length 13,540 mm Length of loading surface 10,040 mm Gooeseneck lenght 3,500 mm Width 2.550 m Frame length between goose-neck to 1st axle: 5.845 (5.590) mm Height of charge zone 500mm; height from goose-neck to 1st axle 200 mm N. 2 wheel recess placed between axles chequer plate with steel hatches domex 700 zinc-coated Hydraulic lifting ramps placed before the 1st axle needed to enter the wheel recess area Hydraulic pull winch 8 ton towing force placed on goose-neck with remote control N.1 pneumatic valve for adjustment height of load N.4 pcs of wheel blockers Surface treatment: hot dipped galvanized + Ral colour on the sides at customer’s choice Rear telescopic ramps with hydraulic movements 1400x700 mm Extendable rear bumper for 2,000 mm N.8 tires 215/75 R 17.5, Micheli

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